Heroes House is your house.


It has been a long time coming but we are finally there!
A house for students, families, mentors and Heroes.
This will be a house of bravery, of skill, of laughter and of inclusion.

The cleanest water you will find...

With a state-of-the-art UV and Ozone system courtesy of Brauer Industries, you will be swimming in the healthiest water possible at Heroes House!

a different kind of charity

Little Heroes is a small, registered charity providing aquatic education program opportunities for children and adults with a disability, in an inclusive environment.
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a different kind of swim school

Our swimming academy provides an inclusive environment where mainstream students and students with a disability learn together and from each other. We believe in giving everyone access to the same services and work hard to provide these inclusive swimming lessons for our ‘little heroes’ through a Disability Swim Program subsidised by our Mainstream Learn-To-Swim lessons. Our holistic approach to teaching focuses on relaxing students in the water, how to be safer in the water which will inevitably lead to more enjoyment in the water.

our programs

include. thrive. survive.

“Little Heroes Swim Academy leads the way with inclusive swimming programs between the flags”

Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins
Little Heroes Swim Academy Ambassador

Bruce “Hoppo” Hopkins
Little Heroes Swim Academy Ambassador


Improve your child’s understanding of moving water. The pathway to enjoyment for your child at the beach and in the water!

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Building 5, 160 Bourke Rd,
Alexandria NSW 2015

p: 02 8084 8381
e: info@littleheroesswimacademy.org

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