With a combined 30+ years of experience teaching children across the Eastern Suburbs and The City of Sydney, we decided that we could do things differently, better.  We are qualified in all codes of Aquatic Education and are heavily involved and dedicated to Teacher Training.  We are all still active in the water and plan to stay that way, this is our point of difference.

We are actively involved in our program from the water to the board room.

As Directors we hope to set a course that many, across all of Australia, can follow. Special needs kids are our passion and everything we do, we do for them.

Who We Are

Tracey Ayton
Tracey Ayton co-founder and chief executive officer Over her 25 years in the Learn-To-Swim industry, Tracey has experience in every role you can think of. Teacher, trainer, coach, manager, and sometimes therapist – she has excelled in them all. Throughout this time drowning prevention has always been a focus, from her award-winning baby program through to the current curriculum at Little Heroes.

Tracey is currently a presenter of the Swim Australia Teacher of Swimming, Infants and Toddlers and Learners with a Disability courses. She is also a member of the SwimSAFER taskforce with Swim Australia that’s sole focus is drowning prevention in the under 5’s age group. A regular conference presenter at State, National and International levels, Tracey is a highly sought after and respected voice in the Learn-To-Swim industry.

Chris Liu
Chris Liu co-founder and chief operating officer After falling into swim teaching over 15 years ago, Chris has never wanted to leave. A passion for teaching was only enhanced by the slow shift in the Learn-To-Swim industry towards drowning prevention. A belief that lessons needed to be fun and practical to produce a SAFER, more relaxed swimmer has informed his view for Heroes.

After Co-Ordinator and team leading roles at previous swim schools, there were always factors compromising the type of program being delivered and this has been the driving force behind forming Little Heroes. A creative and practical mind away from the pool, you won’t ever find him far from his laptop. Accounts, promo videos, IT and program development, there are traces of his behind-the-scenes work everywhere within Heroes but like Tracey, the pool is where he is most at home.

Barney Quinlan
Barney Quinlan SurfSQUAD Founder LHSA is very proud to have Barney Quinlan as our main man in the surf. A multiple Australian Board Riding champion, Barney ran his popular Surfsquad program in the Eastern Suburbs for over 8 years. With a program focusing on ocean water safety and non-competitive, practical, intensive swimming for the complete ocean environment, his ideology ties in seamlessly with the Little Heroes vision. In helping to devise the Open Water Program offered to our students and sharing his wealth of ocean knowledge and experience, Barney has been integral in making Little Heroes Swim Academy inclusive of multiple environments.

Pete Dunne

Peter Dunne senior aquatic educator and ocean-water co-ordinator An avid ocean swimmer, Pete has been with the Little Heroes since inception. Tirelessly volunteering his time, tremendous heart and many varied talents, Pete, like Barney, was someone we needed on board. An amazing teacher of Mainstream and Special Needs children, he is an invaluable member of LHSA.