Include. Thrive. Survive.

Our swimming academy includes people with Special Needs because we believe in giving everyone access to the same services. We work hard to provide inclusive swimming lessons for these ‘little heroes’ through a Disability Swim Program subsidised by our Mainstream Learn-To-Swim lessons. Our Special Needs students learn vital water safety skills alongside our mainstream students, using an individual and holistic approach that teaches them how to be relaxed, to have fun and most of all, how to be safer in the water.

Little Heroes Swim Academy was founded in 2012 with a passion to provide aquatic safety education and swimming skills to everyone in the community. Not long after, we were joined by Barney Quinlan who became part of the Little Heroes’ team as our Ocean Water Co-ordinator. Barney’s Surfsquad philosophy fits perfectly with Little Heroes, and his expertise at the beach adds a valuable extra dimension to the organisation.

Pete and Luca

We teach more than just swimming strokes. Little Heroes provides life skills and an understanding of the water, from bathtub to pool to beach. We want everyone to enjoy being safer in and around water and we are able to tailor make programs for individuals, small groups and schools in a pool or at the beach, and roll out our existing programs for other organisations.

Little Heroes offers much more than your regular swim school. We see ourselves as part of a community, with our staff, our students and their families. This is what makes swimming for us, and with us, very rewarding.

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