Swim4Kids 2018

A legion of loyal supporters and swimmers once again turned out to ensure Swim4Kids was an event to remember!

There were familiar faces and new ones too, all geared up and ready to knock out a few laps of the Prince Alfred Park 50m pool. Among the Little Heroes students and families, we welcomed back Team Sydney Kids, Clovelly Splashers, a slew of familiar supporters and a handful of out-of-towners hoping to raise our lap tally sky-high.

There were a number of massive efforts with Little Heroes’ own Anna Jacobs topping the lap leaderboard with 80 LAPS! Darren Motum and Rene Kesler shared second billing with 64 and bronze being split by Ianeta Baker and Lara Millward with 60 big ones each! In doing so, Lara took out top honours for the 15 yrs and under troupe.

The combined tally for all-comers this year was 1109 laps! A huge effort by all attending and although not quite as many as last year, over a thousand laps is definitely something to be proud of!

A few special mentions:

  • Anna Jacobs – overall champ with 80 laps!
  • Lara Millward – kids champ with 60 laps
  • Team Sydney Kids – top team with 264 laps
  • Little Heroes Students Past and Present – Kate (4 laps), Rachel (16), Luca (5), Alec (4), Jessie (20), Zac (20), Florence (20), Fred (10), Otto (4), Amelia (8) and Archie (2)
  • Little Heroes Instructor Team – Anna (80), Brigitta (48), Donna (12), Fiona (12), Pete (6) and Leonard (4)

A big Heroes thank you to the following for their immense help on the day: Ian, Sean, Bri, Anna, Fiona and Leonard for some long stints in the sun counting laps and managing lanes, big Rod on the barbeque keeping the masses fed once again with some perfectly grilled snags and lastly the staff of Prince Alfred Park for allwoing such an event to run.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who sponsored friends and family in this year’s event. Sponsor tallies and funds raised can be found below beside the gallery…

UPDATE: With all donations and registrations now tallied up, Swim4Kids 2018 raised a total of $15405!

Check out some of the pics below and we’ll see you at Swim4Kids 2019!


Jacobs, Anna 80
Motum, Darren 64
Kesler, Rene 64
Millward, Lara 60
Baker, Ianeta 60
O’Sullivan, Jennifer 50
O’Sullivan, Catherine 50
Cameron, Brigitta 48
Cardamone, Michael 42
Weinman, Melissa 40
Santifort, Megan 40
Leal, Allen 30
Flack, Siena 30
Bissaker, Rebel 30
Rodowicz, Simon 24
Lonergan, Amy 22
Pendergast, Elizabeth 20
Milosevic, Darija 20
McIntyre, Tom 20
McIntyre, Sarah 20
Gatt, Zac 20
Gatt, Hester 20
Gatt, Florence 20
Gatt, Jessie 20
Arthur, Mark 20
Rondo, Rachel 16
McGrath, Fiona 12
Cummings, Sarah 12
Crisp, Iggy 12
Barlow, Donna 12
Poppy 10
Millward, Shea Liam 10
Lofthouse, Fred 10
Lily 10
Crisp, Ollie 10
Arthur, Lexie 10
Oranje, Lillian 8
Horwood, Amelia 8
Millward, Ian 6
Millward, Anna 6
Matilda 6
Horwood, Daren 6
Rodowicz, Luca 5
Seckold, Kate 4
Rodowicz, Alec 4
Horwood, Otto 4
Pendergast, Archie 2
Millward, Asha 2