Swim4Kids 2017 Recap



Swim4Kids 2017 saw a record number of 124 swimmers joining our push for 400. This was a year for records to be broken and goals not just to be achieved but obliterated into next week. Of the 124 in attendance, we had an incredible 15 swimmers complete 50 laps or more and a staggering 53 swimmers complete 20 laps or more!

So once all laps were tallied up, Swim4Kids 2017 produced a scarcely believable, total of….total-laps-badge_blue

James Pittar on his way to 120!
James Pittar – 120 laps
(Pittar Family)
Margo Green – 84 laps
(Team Madi)
Corinne Avery – 77 laps
(Michelle’s Mermaids)

There were some monstrous individual tallies, with reigning Swim4Kids king, James Pittar topping the numbers with a stunning 120 laps! James is vision-impaired and provided untold inspiration to our students poolside, matching his effort from Swim4Kids 2016. Not to be outdone, James’ young daughter Annica, dished up an enormous 60 laps!

Special mentions to Margo Green, Corinne Avery, Tim Lindop, Bob Brandon, Jaime Auton, Danny Allende, Andrew Sartor, Tim Latham, Ray Broderick, Rene Kesler, Rebel Bissaker, Margie Attard and Ianata Baker – all members of the 50+ Laps Club!

The Willey Family, all smiles to 82 laps!
Clovelly Splashers – 541 laps
(41 Swimmers)
Michelle’s Mermaids – 482 laps
(11 Swimmers)
Team Sydney Kids – 455 laps
(15 Swimmers)

The fight for Top Team bragging rights was fiercely fought out with teams pushing each other to great heights. In fact, each of the top three teams for the day surpassed our Swim4Kids goal of 400 laps.

Honourable mentions go to The Pittar Family (2 swimmers -180 laps), Team Madi (4 swimmers – 105 laps) and the Willey Family (5 swimmers – 82 laps).

And finally, the reason Swim4Kids exists and the reason Little Heroes itself exists – our students, past and present. We believe our kids are capable of great things, all that is needed is the opportunity to do so. Saturday only reinforced why we do what we do. There were inspirational stories at every turn. James Pittar with 120 laps; Kate Seckold swimming 10 laps (half a km!) which left us flabbergasted; Rachel completing 12 fluoro-filled laps; Madi, Luca and Brigi knocking out 4 each; Oscar demolishing 10 laps and just as many sausages and Gracie, one of the first in the water with 2 laps!

The Little Heroes Disability Dream Team of Brigitte, Fred, Grace, Kate, Luca, Madi, Oscar and Rachel achieved an incredible 52 laps!
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Our Mainstream stars Emilie, Florence, Gabriel, Hannah, Harrison, Jessie, Leah, Luca A, Luca F and Zachary hit triple figures, finishing a sterling 155 laps! All were absolute stars and also put some of their instructors to shame. The lap counters could not believe what they were seeing – the kids just kept going!
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Some big thank you’s…
In addition to all swimmers participating, Little Heroes would like to thank our volunteers Rod, Benice, Nick, Brigitta, Annie, Leonard, Max, Pete, Anabella, Jo, Beryl, Rene for making the day a success and providing every assistance required.

We had a number of supporters lending time, energy and supplies to the day. Thank you Little Heroes Ambassador Bruce Hopkins, Councillor Angela Vithoulkas, City of Sydney, Prince Alfred Park Pool and staff, Coles, Carmans and LookDesign Botany.