Surfsquad History

History of SurfsquadIn September 2006, Barney Quinlan, a Bondi Beach local surfer and swim instructor took a group of students down to the beach for a swimming lesson. He soon realised that the skills these students learnt in an indoor lap pool did not translate to the open, moving water environment. Since then he has developed an intensive, yet simple program that teaches anyone how to maximise their time and safety when in the moving water, coastal environment.

Over 600 students from 8 to 60 years old have successfully participated in the program since 2006. The programs evolution over the past 7 years has been with the great support and approval of Bruce Hopkins and the Waverley Council Lifeguards.

The Surfsquad Philosophy

What sets the Surfsquad program apart is its focus on non-competitive and energy-saving strokes, teaching students how to adapt their swimming to every aspect of the aquatic environment.

An important distinction to be made is that swimming in still water is very different to swimming in moving water. Adding in variables like wind, temperatures, waves, shorebreaks, tides and currents, there is one guarantee – no two days are ever the same.

This is why the Surfsquad program is so effective – swimmers never stop learning. There are no levels or certificates, nobody passes or fails, Surfsquad teaches each session as a new set of conditions and the more experienced a student is in all types of conditions under our guidance, the safer they become.