This February marks Little Heroes’ Pete Dunne’s 5th Rottnest Channel Challenge! Swimming through 19.7km of jellyfish-riddled, possibly shark-inhabited, pristine West Australian ocean…sounds like a lovely Saturday morning right?

On Saturday 24 February, to raise money for our students with a disability, that’s exactly what our own Super Hero aquatic Pete Dunne will be striving to do. The Rottnest Channel Ocean Swim is an iconic event that lures swimmers from all over Australia as well as internationally, keen to challenge themselves against the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

Sharing the ocean with marine life through 19.7km of pristine waters belies the physical and mental effort required to complete this fearsome crossing. This year, Pete is looking to complete an incredible 5th Solo Crossing! Hoping to inspire the students that inspire him so much, Pete is raising funds for Little Heroes Swim Academy’s Disability Program.

Pete’s Annual Rottnest Challenge also commences the countdown to Little Heroes’ Swim4Kids, an event for supporters to tackle their own swim challenge. Held on Saturday 10 March at Prince Alfred Park Pool, we’re striving to complete a combined 2018 laps this year (approx. 1 lap for every 10m of the Rottnest Challenge).

Want to know what it takes to complete Rottnest?

In Road to Rottnest, Pete lets us in on the physical and mental preparations required leading up to, and completing the 19.7km of gruelling West Australian ocean!



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Want to take on your own swim challenge? Do it at Swim4Kids on Saturday 10 March!

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